Tuesday, 1 March 2011

February Favourites

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

So, my favourite products of this month. I've been trying really hard to stick to the make up and skincare products that I already have. Our car needs a new.. clutch or something or other, so we're on a budget this month. That definitely isn't a good thing for my addiction to all things cosmetic!

1. Naked Palette by Urban Decay
I have been loving this palette since last September. It is my 'go to' when I am indecisive about what look to wear on my eyes. There isn't a single thing that I don't like about this palette; it has every neutral colour I could want and the quality of the shadows- amazing!

2. Jubilee lipstick by MAC

This is the perfect nude lipstick for my lips. I am an NW30 with quite pigmented lips and I love how this looks on me. It is one of those lipsticks that I don't have to look in the mirror to wear. It's a lustre finish which is one of my favourites from MAC.

3. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

I usually stick to MAC's Studio Fix Fluid but when I want lighter coverage, this is amazing. It smells like apricots and glides on my face really well. It lasts a pretty long time and although I do have to blot more often, I really like how it looks and feels so natural.

4. Sigma's Sigmax brushes

I recently hauled these brushes and I love them! I use the flat top for liquid foundation and it gives me such a flawless finish. The angled brush I use for contouring and cream blush and I can't believe how beautifully these brushes blend product into the skin. I don't use the round top that much but when I do, I use it for cream blush and it does a great job too.

That is pretty much it for my favourites this month. I have a review coming up soon on some E.L.F products which I was going to do today but it is 1.43am and I can barely open my eyes! I'm off to get some sleep before I conk out on the sofa!

Atia x x x
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  1. great favourites, i love the Naked palette!

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  2. Thanks so much, will check your blog out x x