Monday, 21 March 2011

120 Palette Review

Monday, 21 March 2011

The 120 eyeshadow palette is one of many eye shadow palette's which companies like Coastal Scents, BH Cosmetics, and Manly sell.  I personally purchased mine from Ebay. I think it is worth buying these type of palette's from Ebay because they are exactly the same but sold at a fraction of the price.

My 120 palette cost £18.99 (if memory serves me correctly). This is cheaper than most of the companies I mentioned because not only did I get the palette, I also received a brush set too. I don't use the brushes though, except a concealer brush and an angled liner brush because I have brushes that do a better job. The palette however is gorgeous!
I think it is pretty amazing how many eye shadow's you get for the low price. There is almost every colour you could want to put on your eye lids in this palette. As you can probably tell, my palette is pretty beat up but that is because I use it so much. I love experimenting with different colours and never keep any boundaries... which sometimes can end in disaster!

I was really surprised at the pigmentation of the eye shadows as well. The palette does have a mixture of shimmers and matte's. The shimmers definitely have more pigmentation than matte's but all the colour's are beautiful.

There are a so many shades. If you want a neutral, smoky or colourful eye, this palette will suit everyone. There are even some neon colours which could be fun to experiment with.

Some of the shadows are a little chalky but the majority I found to be really smooth and they lasted a lot longer than some other eye shadows I have tried.

Overall, I think it is worth getting this palette. I always go to this palette when I want to add some colour to my look and there are a couple of brown's that I really love too.

Atia x x x
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  1. The palette has pretty amazing eyeshades and the swatches look so mouth-watering ;)

  2. Nice! I love these palettes :D
    My cousin bought it from ebay for £9 :D

  3. Couldn't live without this bad boy! I don't use it too often any more but it's so handy to have in your collection. There are some blues and greens I bloody love in there too!

  4. This one you bought was not a Manly? Because I've bought a Manly, it says manly on mine. I tought there only was manly that had the 120 eyeshadow palette.

  5. Jessica, no it isn't a Manly palette, it has a label on the back that says 'Fraulein'. I think they do palette's like these as well because I did have a look on their website x