Wednesday, 2 March 2011

E.L.F Review

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

I have been using ELF products for around a year now and have tried a lot of them out. I think this brand is great for beginners, especially for people who are just starting out with make up. The prices are very reasonable, with items from the basic line at just £1.50. They also have a Studio line and a Mineral line too which is slightly more expensive, but pretty much everything is still under £5. The quality of products does vary but I generally think they are really good value for money.

The first product I am reviewing is a lipstick from the Mineral line.
This one in particular is called 'Rosy Raisin'. It is priced at £3.50 which is cheaper than most drugstore lipsticks. This is one of my favourite lipsticks of all time.
It is a rosy pink colour and it goes on quite sheer which is actually something I really like about it. It looks very natural on my lips and on the days I don't want to wear too much make up, I usually end up wearing this one. I find it isn't very moisturising or drying which is fine as I tend to put on a lip balm of some kind underneath anyway.

I have around 6 more lipsticks from this line and although I do like them, this one is the one I reach for a lot.

I have a few items from the Studio line (which is my favourite from ELF) but the one thing I really love is their cream eye liners. I have the one in black.

This liner is very pigmented. It is really easy to apply and I usually use the ELF Small Angled Brush which works really well with it. I always used liquid liners but never liked them that much. When I started using this I never went back to liquid liners again.

It isn't just the application that I liked, this liner stays on all day and I never get any smudging at all. The only downside to it is that after a few months I felt like it was drying out a little. It is still worth it though, for £3.50 you can't usually get a good quality cream or gel liner!

The last product I am reviewing is the Beauty Encyclopedia (Sparkle Eye Edition).
This retails at £6 which in my opinion is a steal! It contains 12 eye shadows, 2 cream eye shadows, a pencil liner and an applicator/brush.

The inside cover has instructions on how to apply the products, which I have never actually read. I don't use the applicator because although the brush side isn't that bad, I feel like my brushes apply eye shadow better. The eye pencil is, in my opinion not that great either, it seems quite hard.

I do however like the eye shadows. They are incredibly soft (maybe too soft?) and they blend really well.

 The swatches are just of a few of the eye shadows (swatched with UD primer potion) and the two cream shadows. All these eye shadows are sparkly and shimmery, some of them do have fallout but they are very pretty. I really love the green and blue because they look great on brown eyes. I'm not too keen on the cream shadows as they crease quite easily but with a base they do last a while before creasing.

Overall, I think ELF do a great job with their product quality. I would definitely recommend them. Obviously there are some things I'm not too fond of but I think you will get that with all brands. For the price though, I'm not surprised they have gotten so popular worldwide.

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  1. I Love ELF :) Rosy Raisin is MLBB shade. It feels like a tinted lipbalm because it really moisturizes but gives you that hint of color. Love them!

  2. It is a great lipstick, worth every penny!