Friday, 18 March 2011

Love-Makeup Haul

Friday, 18 March 2011

I was waiting on this package for a few days and I was really excited when it arrived!
In the past I have heard so much about Crown brushes and how they are great value for money, so I decided to try some out and see how I like them.
I've been using these brushes for a couple of days now and am mainly liking the Contour Blush Brush. That's not to say that the rest of them are not good but this is the one that I am enjoying the most. I suppose it will be easier to judge whether they are good quality once they have been washed a few times.

I also got some Stars Makeup Haven eye shadows, which I haven't come across in the UK before but watched a few reviews on You Tube and saw how well pigmented they looked.

These eye shadow's are amazing in pigmentation! They are much cheaper than other high end eye shadow's but are still really good in quality.

Lastly I got a few NYX products. I seem to be trying out a lot of their make up lately and am really impressed! They are right up there with MAC when it comes to quality of blushes and eye shadows. I actually like NYX lip glosses better.
I got an eye shadow pigment in 'Red'. I always find it really difficult to find a good red eye shadow. This one, I wore yesterday with a couple of other colours and it looked absolutely gorgeous. It is really easy to blend too.

I already have a NYX lip gloss in 'African Queen' which I love and I wanted to get another one which is more of an every day, wearable lip gloss. 'Candy Shop' is a pretty pink with gold shimmer. I really like how these lip glosses are not sticky at all and the pigmentation is great too.

Love-Makeup is a site where I love getting make up from. They have hard to find products and a lot of limited edition make up too.

My giveaway will be closing at 6pm on Sunday 20th March; don't forget to enter!

Atia x x x
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  1. Thanks for sharing, really want to try the Crown brushes :)

    Charlene xxxx
    A Cosmetic Affair

  2. I have heard so many good things about the crown brushes! Excited to try them out for myself:)

  3. Ive been thinking of trying some of the stars makeup haven shadows they look lovely. Really interesting post xx

  4. Thanks girls x

    FashionAffair, the Crown brushes are really good but the Oval Shadow brush is a little scratchy. The rest are really soft though and work really well.

    Nicoletta I'm really liking them and definitely will be purchasing more x

  5. wow great products! i love the look of Crown brushes

  6. Want to try all this things!!! Specially these brushes cos can´t find them anywhere!!!