Sunday, 20 March 2011

My Bangle Collection

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Being a Pakistani by origin, I love how diverse our culture is. There are so many beautiful things about it that are hidden from most people in the west. I thought I would share one fragment of Indian/Pakistani culture with you.
 I have accumulated these bangles over a number of years. In Pakistani culture these bangles can be worn at any occasion. Most of them however, I tend to wear at weddings or festivals that we have.

I purchased the bangle holder when I went on holiday to Pakistan and I adore it. It stores all my bangles and looks so pretty in my room. It also makes the bangles easily accessible which is really useful when I am getting ready to go somewhere. The detailing on the side of the holder is gorgeous too!

I probably have a shade of bangles for every formal outfit that I have (which could be considered as having too many!) but I love them. It gives a very feminine look and brightens up even the dullest of outfits.

I'll be putting up a post tomorrow on the 120 eye shadow palette so keep an eye out for that!

Atia x x x
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  1. Beautiful collection! The green ones on top are especially gorgeous. I really like the stand as I find it a bit tricky to get at all my bangles quickly. I need to look out for a stand when I next go to India.

  2. I love bangles! They're so pretty and you've definately said it right! They can make any outfit look great =)
    And the bangle holder is pretty awesome!

  3. Love wearing bangles. Always get lots of compliments when I have a good set to go with my outfit :)

  4. You have such a nice collection! I love the stand you have to put your bangles on! I really want to get one of those! :) xx

  5. Ah I love bangles!! I really want to do a post on mine, But I have SOoOooo many It would be tooo Long!!

  6. Thanks girls x x

    I have a few others too but they won't fit on this holder, I might just have to replace some that I don't wear much anymore.

    PinkSweetSz, Do a post on yours! I really would love to get some more but nothing compares to the shops in green street lol x x

  7. I love the bangles very pretty! :)