Thursday, 17 March 2011

My Favourite Eye Brushes

Thursday, 17 March 2011

I'm loving the gorgeous weather today, it makes me want to go into town but I don't want to risk it because I know I'll end up at the make up section in every shop! Since I'm budgeting (supposedly) I think I'll just stay away for now.

I found it quite easy to pick out my favourite eye brushes because obviously all I had to do was see which ones I reached for the most on a daily basis.
The first brush is E.LF's Eyeshadow 'C' Brush. This is from the Studio line and retails at only £3.50.
The bristles are synthetic and really densely packed. They are also really soft and don't scratch your skin at all when you use it. This brush picks up and applies product really well. For an all over lid brush this is great.

The second brush is MAC's 217 blending brush.

I absolutely love this brush! It is the perfect size for blending eyeshadow in the crease and fits on my eye really well. If there was one MAC eye brush that you wanted to buy, I would definitely recommend getting this one. It blends effortlessly and definitely makes you look like a pro with eyeshadow application.

The last brush is by Sigma. I have the one with the old numbering which is the SS219 or E30 and I bought this from Love Makeup.

This is a pencil brush. It is really good for the crease in my opinion and also for applying product on the lower lash line. It doesn't flare out too much and gives a very precise application.

All three of these brushes are really good quality; I have washed them countless times and have found that they don't shed at all and are just as soft as they were when I first bought them.

It is too gorgeous outside to stay in so I'm off out. Have a great day x

Atia x x x
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  1. The pencil brush and the C brush are my favorites too but I don't have the MAC blending brush! I love the elf regular line blending brush, that is another one of my favorites for sure! Thanks for sharing, interesting post :)

    Charlene xxxx
    A Cosmetic Affair

  2. Thanks hun, I have the blending brush from the regular line, that is great too x x