Thursday, 10 March 2011

My Favourite Lipsticks

Thursday, 10 March 2011

I've tried out a lot of lipsticks trying to find the ones that suit my skin tone the most. I came up with the six lipsticks I wear on a regular basis that I really love.

Three of the lipsticks are by MAC which I love. In my opinion, Mac lipsticks can be either hit or miss. Some of the finishes I just don't like although cremesheen's and lustre's are definitely my favourites.
Without flash
With flash
All the colours are actually pretty similar. I tend to wear colours which, on my lips are a rosy nude. The 'concealer lips' look doesn't work on my skin tone nor do I personally like it.

- Cherish is a satin. Satin finishes are usually quite drying but this one isn't. It is a pink and has a slight brown tint.

- Viva Glam V is a neutral pink and seems to have a little shimmer to it, which isn't too noticeable but looks gorgeous!

- Jubilee is my favourite out of all the Mac lipsticks. It is definitely the perfect nude for me.

- Goddess by NYX is slightly different to the rest; it seems to have a slight golden/coral colour to it but their lipsticks are so creamy!

- Max Factor's Plush Blush is a pinkish lavender. I probably wear this less than all the others because it doesn't suit every look.

- I love ELF's Rosy Raisin, it is such a pretty neutral colour on me with a hint of pink.

I feel like these lipsticks really compliment my skin tone. The colours aren't bright but they are still noticeable.The smell and texture of lipsticks is really important to me (obviously the colour is important too!); but if a lipstick smells bad, I just can't wear it.

I've always wondered about Revlon lipsticks but have yet to try them. Any recommendations?

Atia x x x
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  1. Great blog!! =)
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  2. Ooooh! Those are some pretty colours. I'm not much of a lipstick person myself, but these pics are making me think otherwise (especially the Rosy Raisin) =D

  3. I've always been more in to lipsticks. Rosy Raisin is definitely one of my top favourites because it is so subtle and pretty x

  4. Ahh love your collection! I think the concealer lips dont suit me either!