Sunday, 24 April 2011

Cocktail Cosmetics Haul

Sunday, 24 April 2011

I actually purchased these items from Cocktail Cosmetics a few weeks ago but never got around to doing a haul post due to being away.
Cocktail Cosmetics sell make up from a wide variety of brands. They also have a lot of limited edition products which I think is great because there are so many things that you may have wanted to buy but were not able to because they were out of stock.

Having bought two lip tars from OCC previously, I really wanted to try out other shades because they are really good to use when you don't want to be touching up your lipstick every couple of hours. I decided to go for a shade that was more neutral and liked the look of 'Melange'.

I also saw 'Total Wow!' by MAC and had to have it. It was originally from the Magic, Mirth and Mischief collection in 2009.
I have been wearing 'Total Wow!' quite a lot and on my lips it looks like a really pretty raspberry shade which gets darker as I apply more.

I am a big lover of NYX Round lipsticks and had my eye on 'Indian Pink' for some time now. I also picked up a lip liner in 'Sand Pink'

I never realised how creamy NYX lip liner's were. There are quite a few shades to choose from too.

I've also purchased eye dusts from Medusa's Makeup before and have enjoyed them. I bought a frosty white highlighting eye dust in 'Blow' and was sent a free sample (which is quite ample!) called 'Bruiser' which is a beautiful plum shade with purple and blue shimmer.
Lastly, I really wanted a blending brush that differed from my 217 a little. Sigma is much more affordable than MAC and I feel, just as good in quality a lot of the time.
The E40 is a tapered blending brush which I found to be very soft. It is also the perfect size to fit on the eye for blending. I have washed it a few times and didn't find any shedding at all.

I was also sent a retractable lip brush for free, which was also totally unexpected but very nice of them. It does the job, but is flat at the top. It isn't the best lip brush but it didn't cost me anything. It'll do nicely for on the go touch ups if needed.

I always like to find bargains (as I'm sure you all do too!) and websites like these always allow me to buy make up at lower prices.

Check them out at

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  1. Looks nice ;) Good shopping! ;)

  2. Lovely haul! Love everything. Specially the lip tar and MAC lipstick :D

  3. Great haul! I'm going to have to check out Cocktail Cosmetics!

  4. Great reviews, I love cocktail cosmetics. Really fast shipping just I always miss Royal Mail when they deliver.

  5. I'm really loving 'Total Wow!', if only it was a permanent shade!