Monday, 4 April 2011

My March Regrets

Monday, 4 April 2011

Well after doing my favourites for the month of March, I thought it would be pretty useful to do my regrets as well. I always like blog posts and video's like these because it really helps me to decide which products I want to buy.

The first product isn't really something that I bought. I did buy the new Max Factor Fusion mascara but this eye shadow duo came as a free gift with it.

I have tried it and the quality of it really isn't that good. When applying, they blend into almost nothingness with the black shade having glitter that isn't all that attractive. They also creased within an hour for me. My eyelids are oily generally but with a primer as a base, most eye shadows last pretty well on my lids. I don't think I would ever consider purchasing this.

I bought Benefit's Realness of concealness kit a couple of months ago and I was looking forward to using it.

To be honest, the products are not that bad. I love High Beam but apart from that I didn't find myself reaching for anything else. That doesn't mean that all the products in this kit are bad, I just don't use them very much; although the Lip Plump and Ooh la lift didn't really do much for me. I wish that I had just saved a few pounds and bought High Beam in full size instead.

The last product I regret buying is the Crown Deluxe Badger Oval Shadow brush.
The bristles in this brush are densely packed but they scratch my eyes so much. I only used this brush once and it has since then been sitting unloved. I can't bring myself to use it because I have other brushes that are much softer and nicer to use.

I probably won't do a monthly regrets post every month because I tend to try and do my research before buying products and mostly end up liking them. It is always good to get opinions from different people, whether they are positive or negative, because I find it really helps me choose what products I want to purchase.

Atia x x x
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  1. Thank you for sharing! This is something new, apart from FAVOURITES :D

  2. Great post, I don't rate benefit products either, there are much better ones out there! x

  3. I love that you did a march regrets along with favorites! It helps when shopping to know what products not to buy or stay away from:)

  4. I love this post really usefulxx

  5. Really useful post, thanks!

  6. just got the other shade of blue and maroon its simply gloomy.. my office staffs r amazed today to see this.. and the free gift bootsbag i got L-)