Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Review: Z Palette

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Z Palette has been around for quite some time now and I have seen so many people raving about them that when I got the opportunity, I picked one up.

They are available on websites like Love-Makeup, Cocktail Cosmetics and Genie Cosmetics but as far as I know they are not sold in any shops in the UK, or at least, I have never come across them.

There are two different sizes (small and large) and four designs to choose from.
I chose the large Zebra print and I like the way it looks. It really stands out from the rest of my palettes.

The palette itself is made with a cardboard material and has a plastic cover over the top which enables you to view your eye shadows in the palette. It retails at around £16 which I think is quite pricey but it has really helped me to store my eye shadows in a more compact way.

The palette is quite large (a little bigger than a MAC palette) and will store quite a lot of eye shadows.

The one problem I've always had with single eye shadows is that I always forget about them. I prefer having all my eye shadows in one palette so that I don't have to keep going back in to my drawer to choose different shades. This palette has definitely made that easier.

The palette is magnetic so metal pans will stick to it very easily (unfortunately MAC eye shadows are not so you will need a magnet on the pan as well).

The only downside to it, in my opinion is that it won't be very good for travelling with. Cardboard isn't very durable and I feel that it might get scruffy after some time; that is the reason why I haven't taken it away anywhere yet!

I would recommend this palette because I feel like it has more pro's and it has made my life much easier!

Have you tried the Z Palette? What do you think of it?

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Atia x x x
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  1. I want a Z Palette! I wish they made them in a material that's more durable for travel though! xx

  2. I have the same z-palette in leopard and I love it! I like that I can fit different size shadows together, especially if I'm wearing a look that uses different brands. It's also great for Inglot eyeshadows as well if you don't want to purchase the Inglot palette.

  3. The lack of durability is definitely a downside to the palette, but I guess if you don't travel around a lot it would work for you x

    Staci, I've not been able to try Inglot eye shadow's before but I've heard so much about them! x

  4. I love the design and style of this, you get so many eyeshadows in there! It is a bit pricey for a cardboard palette! x

  5. I purchased a MAC palette and just took out the inside "pan tray".