Thursday, 5 May 2011

Review: E.L.F Studio HD Powder

Thursday, 5 May 2011

I have had the HD Powder by E.L.F for over a year now and use it often. I had always heard a lot about Make Up Forever's HD Powder but felt like it was too pricey and so I never invested in it. When I discovered E.L.F, I was very surprised to see a product like this at such a good price. For £6, you get a pretty large container with a decent amount of product.
The packaging is quite large and chunky. It is quite sleek looking but I think it is too large to carry around in your purse for touch ups. It comes with a powder puff, which I don't tend to use. Also, I would recommend just poking a few holes into the sticker that is over the sifter, rather than removing it completely as this just makes the product fly everywhere!

The product claims to create a 'soft focus effect to the skin' and that it 'masks fine lines and imperfections for a radiant complexion'.

The first thing I noticed was how finely milled it was. I hadn't used a product like this before and so didn't have any expectations. After applying my make up, I used a large powder brush to brush this powder all over my face. It instantly gave my face a 'softer' look. I'm not sure about it masking any fine lines because luckily I don't have any yet.

I like the overall finish that this powder gives to my face. It doesn't leave a white mask (obviously used in moderation!). It does need reapplying a few times throughout the day but having oily skin, that would be a given with most products anyway.

I am kind of on the fence with this. In my opinion, it is a great product, but the packaging does let it down a little- if it was less bulky it would be great to just throw in your make up bag. However, at a great price (for a HD powder) I do think it is worth trying out.

Atia x x x
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  1. One of my favs as well! Pretty soft and soft and soft... Thanks for nice review :)

  2. Thanks for the review. I've been wanting this for ages... I've asked for elf stuff for my birthday, so I'm gonna get this :)

  3. i just recently purchaced this and im not a fan... it doesnt do much more than a regular pressed powder would do.

  4. Eva, and soft? Lol thanks x

    Robyn, I would go for it if you like this sort of product x

    Jorjapeech, I feel like it definitely makes a difference, but obviously products work differently for everyone x

  5. i also love this product :) it feels like slk on my skin :) mmmmmmm! i hate heavy make-up so this s like a dream! but also like you i am not over keen on the box :/ it is nice just to sit in my drawer but if i need to take it wih me, i just dont bother! i was thinking of tipping a wee bit into a smaller container just for my bag bt then i have the problem of gettng to much product on the brush :/ xox

  6. I haven't tried this yet but I plan to in the future. :) Thanks for the review.

  7. I also plan on reviewing this product!
    I find it to be pretty good but yes the box is a bit too big, though that was never a problem for me.