Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Glamour Magazine Freebie!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

I was in Meadowhall shopping centre last week and managed to get a hold of the new Glamour magazine which contained products from BeneFit as a free gift. This was something I had been waiting for so I could try them out.

Since I already have High Beam I purchased two magazines which contained Benetint and Posietint.

Left- benetint, Right- posietint
These are both cheek stains and come with 4ml of product in each bottle. I think both these products will last a long time as you don't really need too much. These are each worth around £9 which is pretty good considering the magazine costs only £2 each! I love the BeneFit free gifts Glamour give each year!

Atia x x x
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  1. I got both of these too! I have a full sized High Beam and I wiiiish they'd done Moon Beam too! Posietint isn't doing it for me though... have you used it yet?

  2. I have a small size High Beam in my realness of concealness kit but I don't really like it. Like you I would love to have had Moon Beam to try!

    I haven't tried posietint yet, not sure if it will show up on my medium skin tone =/ I have tried benetint and am really liking the staying power!

  3. if only the magazines in australia gives away freebies as good as these :( we always get a cheap bag or cheap t-shirt... at most a super tiny lip gloss

  4. I got the same two as I still have loads of high beam left. Looking forward to trying the posietint as I have very fair skin so think it should look ok.

  5. I wonder if the ones here in America have those samples, I would LOVE to try them out!

    Thanks for hte info!!!


  6. Thank you for your comments!

    FoxyAries, as far as I know these free gifts are only available in the UK x x