Thursday, 23 June 2011

Review: MAC Fix+

Thursday, 23 June 2011

I have heard so much about MAC's Fix+ but I never wanted to buy it myself. I always thought it would be a waste of money and that it would never work for me.

Let me tell you, I could not have been more wrong!

When I was looking around for a good make up setting spray, I did a lot of research. I already have the Vitamin E Face Mist by The Body Shop and although it refreshed my skin, I didn't feel like it set my make up to stay on longer.

I did find that almost everywhere I looked, especially make up artists, they loved MAC's Fix+. I decided to invest in it, to see what the fuss was all about.

I have been using it religiously every time I do my make up since I got it. The mist from the spray is quite fine which is a plus. Once it dries on my face, it makes quite a difference to my make up. I get a more dewy finish but it isn't greasy or oily looking at all. I also feel like my make up looks a lot more natural.

My make up usually doesn't take very long to start showing signs of oiliness. It also tends to move around which is so disappointing when you take the time to apply it every morning. With the use of this spray, I definitely saw a difference! It lasted a lot longer than normal, although I still had to blot as normal.

I now use this spray every day without fail. It has definitely made a big difference to my daily routine and I feel a lot more confident about the way my skin looks on my face.

I would probably buy again, unless I find a cheaper alternative which is just as good, any suggestions?

Atia x x x
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  1. I haven't tried the MAC spray but I love my Urban Decay all nighter make up setting spray

  2. try the skindinavia setting sprays... they r amazing n work way better than mac fix +

  3. I want to try it too :D Nice post :)

  4. Great post. You've jsut reminded me that I bought a 'fixing spray' to try out. Will have to try that so we can compare notes! :)

  5. adthenshesmiled, heard a lot about that one!

    SuGaR, I've heard a lot about Skindinavia too but just thought it might be YouTube hype. Might give it a try once I run out of the Fix+ x

    Thank you rabeeyah, my very regular commentor ;) x x

    Lou Lou which one is it?

  6. My bottle of Fix + lasts me forever. It really is amazing.

  7. If you can, try the Clean and Clear Finishes Mattifying Moisturizer. I've been using it and loving it. It mattifies the makeup and protects my skin since it has spf. And I have oily skin and this moisturizer makes sure it doesn't get oily throughout the day. It's quite expensive for a 1.7 fl oz tube but I think it's worth a try :)

  8. So glad you have done a review on this, ive been thinking of purchasing it & now my minds definitely made up now.

    Thank you! :)