Thursday, 18 August 2011

First Impressions: Glossybox- August

Thursday, 18 August 2011

I received the Glossybox for this month in the morning. I was actually expecting it to arrive tomorrow but was pleasantly surprised!

I didn't know what to expect this time around. I was hoping to get a make up product and something for my hair. I was definitely happy when I saw what was inside.
This is a heat protectant that also controls frizz. It is a full size bottle which retails at a price between £10-13.

I have never tried these before but have been wanting to. I just never got around to looking for some that I really liked. These are usually pretty pricey for a one use product. I am not sure I like the ones I got though. Skulls etc are not really my style so I might see if I can swap them with someone or I might just try them out anyway to see if I like the quality of them. Retail price: £9.

 Murad has been a brand I have seen around quite a lot but always hesitated in purchasing something because they seem quite pricey. I was very happy to see this in the glossybox though and am looking forward to using it. Retail price: £22 for 200ml.
 I have never heard of this brand but I like the smell of this lotion. I have so many lotions but I am looking forward to trying this. Retail price: Around £18 for 250ml.

You can never try too many mascara's and so I am excited to be trying this one. It is supposed to be very volumising. I don't usually like these type of bristles; rubbery ones work better with my lashes but I'll give it a try. Retail price: £15

I'm pretty happy with the box this month. It is completely worth it.

Did you get this box? What were your thoughts on the products you received?

Atia x x x
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  1. Oh my gosh those nail wraps are so funky! I'm v. tempted to invest in some Nail Wraps now... let us know how you get on with them!! xxx

  2. i got nearly the same, hairstay mousse yes hairstay not spray, confused at first and then i got baby jet mascara for bottom lashes and a different nail wrap design, happy bunny though.x

  3. xD Your Glossybox looks so much more satisfying than the Birchbox for this month!

  4. I think it's fairer all the boxes are pretty much the same.
    I love your nail wraps!!! :)

  5. I got the same things as you except the wraps I have are for toes. I felt the same about the wraps and they're for toes as well which for me would be impossible to apply haha. :)

  6. I got the same as you apart from my nail wraps are different :) xx

  7. I got the same nail wraps I love the design but I really don't want to use them on my toes *sob!*