Monday, 1 August 2011

Guest post: Missha BB Cream by My Heart's Letter

Monday, 1 August 2011

I have a review of a BB Cream to share with you all by My Heart's Letter. I've always wondered about these so it was nice to gain some knowledge about it myself.

Blemish Balm Cream – commonly known as BB Cream – is already a hype in Asia and is now slowly becoming a hit amongst the beauty lovers in Europe.

The product, which is now mostly being used as a foundation, was developed in Germany and was primarily used by skin specialist who prescribed it for patients who had undergone laser treatment or had severe burns. The cream protected, calmed and regenerated sensitive skin, while the scars and redness were also camouflaged.

After reading lots of positive reviews, I decided to purchase the Perfect Cover BB Cream by Missha.
The box, in which the product is packaged, is made of shiny gold and red colored cardboard, decorated with a polka dot pattern. The term BB Cream is briefly explained on the packaging.

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream offers a novel skincare concept with BB Cream, which lightens the skin tone by healing visible wrinkles and blemishes with excellent skin-cover ability, and prevents skin aging through effective whitening and anti-wrinkle properties.”

The BB Cream comes in a tube-style packaging continuing on the style of the cardboard box, being red with a gold cap and a dotted pattern. The explanation is exactly the same as on the box.
Besides the fact that BB cream can be used as a foundation, it also is a skin care product as it contains high SPF, which protects your skin against the UV rays from the sun. The Perfect Cover BB Cream by Missha contains SPF 42 and - as far as I know - mostly only natural ingredients.

The first thing I noticed was the delicious smell reaching my nose once I opened the small tube. The fragrance reminds me of a fresh bar of regular soap. The BB Cream is available in several colors, in which I have the lightest shade, namely #13 Bright Beige (or Milky Beige).

Thank you Minalher for your great review!

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