Thursday, 15 September 2011

First Impressions: Glossy Box (September)

Thursday, 15 September 2011

I received my Glossybox for this month early this morning and was very excited to open it and see what I got this time.

 1. Dead Sea Spa Magik- Salt Brushing
I love body exfoliator's so this is definitely up my street. Retail price: Around £12 for a 500g pot.

2. HD Brows- Eye & Brow Palette

 A lot of people have been getting really excited about the HD Brows but since my eyebrows are almost black and I never need to fill them, I doubt this would be of much use to me. I might use them as eye shadows or liner though as they can be used for this purpose. The brush will be pretty handy too. I am not sure of the exact price of this but I think it is around £20.

3. Moa- The Green Balm

 This is a natural skin care balm which can be used for bumps, bites, grazes, itchy skin conditions and minor burns and a lot more. I am already liking this multi-purpose product and I haven't even used it yet! This can be bought for £9.99/50ml.

4. Neal and Wolf- harmony Intensive Care Treatment

 This is a full size product. It is a treatment for your hair to repair it if it is damaged. It is meant to make hair shiny and healthy. This is another product I am excited about using because I always like trying different products to improve the condition of my hair. Retail price: £12.95/200ml

5. Plum by Mary Greenwell- Eau de Parfum

 This perfume is the 'signature fragrance by world-renowned celebrity makeup artist Mary Greenwell'. I thought it was pretty strong when I first applied it but it fades into a beautiful soft berryish, fruity scent. This can be purchased for £60/50ml.

Overall, I am loving this box! I have enjoyed past boxes but this time I am really happy with everything.

What do you think of the products in this months' Glossybox?

Atia x x x
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  1. you got a great box, i would be chuffed if mine was the same.

  2. Love the look of the hair reviver, my box was quite similar to yours but I got two sets of oils! Its my first box, I'm so uncertain! Cant wait to do an in depth review after work but its great reading everyone else's for now!

  3. This is a great box, I hope mine is equally as good as I have seen some different variations with products this month! Really like that you can use the HD brows palette as eyeshadows too! :-)


  4. The stuff looks so great, can't wait to get mine. xx

  5. Sparkle, I did! I'm really happy with it x

    Holly, I haven't seen oils in anyone's box yet, will you be doing a post on it?

    Leanne, I know, I'm glad I can use it for eyeshadow otherwise I would be wondering what to do with it!

    AngelaQ, hope yours is just as good hun x x

  6. I will be making a post on my blog later today once ive finished work, if you check back around 4.30ish it will be up! So far I'm impressed!

  7. I'll make sure I take a look- following x x

  8. Ooo we got slightly different things! Will be putting a post up in an hour or so if you're interested :) x

  9. Wow! I am loving all the things :)

  10. The box looks great. I'm still kicking myself for cancelling my subscription. The only thing I wanted from the box is the HD brows kit as it's cheaper than buying it full price ;) lol.

    The perfume sounds lush as well. :) x

  11. lovely box this time, love brwo kit, hair repair and balm... :)

  12. The browns product seems so good :)

  13. Oh gosh, the HD brows kit looks wonderful!
    I'm in Canada, so I don't believe I can subscribe to Glossy Box. :(

    Brows are the one thing that I *must* do every morning.

  14. If you post the Brow kit on a blog sale, I'm sure it'll go quick. *wink*

  15. Thank you for your comments girls!

    PyariBeauty, I'm still wondering what to do with it- haven't touched it yet, wondering if I really do need more eye shadows =/

    BoobooNinja, haha, I'll bear that in mind ;)

  16. I hope they keep it up. I'm cancelling my birchbox subscription as we speak because I just can't stand the seeming waste of money.