Saturday, 10 September 2011

Haul- MUA, Collection2000, Sleek and Radox

Saturday, 10 September 2011

I was a little bit naughty yesterday and went to Meadowhall. I managed to keep my ban up for a whole month- which is quite an achievement for me. I did go a little crazy, but there were a few things I had really been wanting for some time and was glad I finally got a hold of them.
 Radox Bath Soak was on offer for 99p so I though I would try it out. My daughter misplaced my nail clippers- standard necessity, so I picked one up.

Oh my goodness, the excitement I felt when I saw the new MUA Professional stand at Superdrug! I had been waiting for it for so long and was so glad to see them refurbishing. There was just one Heaven and Earth palette left on the stand and I had to get it.

These shades are so pretty! I have the Naked palette and thought that I wouldn't find much of a difference between the two. I was definitely wrong! Although there are a few shades that are similar, they are not all the same. For £4, this is a bargain!

I also got one of the eyshadow trio's too.

I wore these shades on my lids today and loved the outcome. These were easy to blend and the shades were perfect for a complete eye look.

Sleek have a new Nude collection out. This particular one was quite popular because all the shades are very wearable. I didn't want the eyeshadow palette or pout polish but I did pick up the blusher.

This is one of the first shades by Sleek that I have found to be very wearable on an every day basis. This is mainly because when I wore it today, it felt like the application was effortless. The shade is just perfect to give some colour to the cheeks but to still look natural. I am really pleased with this purchase!

Collection 2000 have a sale on at the moment where you can purchase two Hot Looks nail polishes for £1.99. I fell in love with one shade but I didn't really want any of the others. So I decided to get two in the same shade and keep one for a future giveaway.

The shade is 'All That Jazz' and this is a nail polish that dries very quickly. The brush is flat...
and it looks so pretty on my nails!
This is a fantastic nail polish- I would really recommend them. They are so cheap but the quality is great!

I did actually go to Debenhams but I will save that for another post- this would have become way too long otherwise!

Is there anything in particular that you have your eye on these days?

Atia x x x
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  1. OH come on- I went there on Wednesday and it wasn't there, I must have just missed it!! Absolute MUA failure. Grrrr. xxx

  2. That nail polish looks awesome! Metallic grey is just such a lovely colour for fall outfits :D

  3. did the sleek blusher have lasting power? and MUA?

  4. Nice little haul there. I'm tempted by these MUA trios

  5. Love that MUA palette : )

  6. I bought that blusher (and the rest of the nude collection) yesterday. I am getting addicted to Sleek!

  7. That suede blush wants me so badly. I love it and it looks like it'd be a great blush for everyone!

  8. great haul, i love MUA palette and sleek blusher... so killer na... :)

  9. Luxiehoney, I think they were putting it up on Friday when I went- they had half the things out and were still putting stuff on the shelves.

    Lauraleia, yes it looks very similar to Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous by OPI too.

    Sam Ram, the lasting power is pretty good on both the blush and the MUA products, great quality at a cheap price x

    Gaelle, they are well worth it!

    Miss Bad, me too x

    Sal, I went through that too lol, calmed down a little bit now ;)

    Thanks Dollymix Diaries hun x

    Eden, it does look like a blush that would be perfect for any skintone.

    I agree Fakhra, they are gorgeous =D

  10. Nice Haul! As a student who is way too broke to get the UD Naked Palette I'm contemplating between the Heaven and Earth MUA palette or the Sleek Natural Palette (I sure it has a different name) =) which one would you recommend? =)

  11. I would definitely say MUA Heaven and Earth this time.. the Sleek Nude palette was pretty disappointing for me pigmentation-wise so I didn't bother getting it. Usually though I do really like Sleek for their eye shadows x x

  12. that bubble bath looks amazing!
    im loving the look of the MUA palette!
    BreezeyBee Blog