Wednesday, 28 December 2011

2011 Favourites: Brushes

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Brushes.. A few years back, I had no idea what a good brush could do. I am so glad to say that my make up application has improved vastly just by starting to use brushes.

There are three face brushes that have really stood out to me this year.

I have been using the large F30 powder brush by Sigma for the majority of this year and love it. It is large, soft and distributes face powder evenly making it an ideal brush to set my foundation.

For my regular readers, it is probably strange to see that the Sigma F80 is not in my favourites for this year. The reason behind this is that although I do love that brush for applying foundation, I found that the F60 works a lot better for my skin type. It gives me a more natural look which is what I like to go for normally.

For blush, I have been using the C405 Crown brush. This works perfectly to apply and blend blush and make it look natural.

The E45 tapered blending brush by Sigma is one that I have recently started using but it has quickly become one that I don't go without whenever I wear makeup. It is great to use in the crease because of its shape and it blends very well too.

The Sigma E25 and MAC's 217 are very similar in shape and size and so they both serve the same purpose which is that they are great for blending. I use them to blend out eyeshadow especially when I am blending between the eyeshadow shades I have used and the highlight.

Lastly, the E05 by Sigma is a brush which I saw michele1218 on YouTube raving about, is the perfect brush for cream or gel liner. It is just the right size which allows you to apply a thin or thick line. It is also pretty stiff so it doesn't bend easily which makes controlling it easy too.

I was surprised at how much my favourite brushes have changed, but it should have been expecting seeing as I seem to have invested in quite a few this year!

What are your favourite brushes?
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  1. love sigma brushes!! and your picks sure look good:) x

  2. Thank you so much for this post, i have wrote all the details down so i can follow in your steps and buy the :) iv been looking for tips on the best brushes etc, thank you xox

  3. i've ordered some sigma brushes a few days ago and i'm more excited now because of your post! =)

  4. The first brush is one i've been eyeing as my next brush addition, I have a moderately tolerable one but the sigma sounds so much softer~