Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Review: MUA Single Eyeshadows

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

MUA is a brand of make up sold exclusively in Superdrug which started off with all their products priced at just £1. I picked up quite a few of their eye shadows after using a couple because I was just so impressed with them.

The packaging of these shadows isn't amazing in any way whatsoever. That isn't really an issue for me as I generally care more about what the actual product is like. That is not to say however, that the packaging is bad, it would still be pretty easy to travel with and I have actually travelled with some of these shadows and they have stood the test of falling around pretty well.

The shadows themselves I find are very smooth and creamy feeling. They don't lack at all in pigmentation which initially was one of the biggest surprises about this product. For £1, really, can you find a good quality eyeshadow anywhere? I highly doubt it.

As I'm sure you can tell, the pay off is amazing for these eyeshadows. The go on very easily and blend so well.

I am absolutely in love with these. The only reason I have not bought more than this is because MUA came out with their professional line which includes some gorgeous larger eyeshadow palette's that come in a variety of colours- those also are very inexpensive!

All in all, this is a great brand for eye shadows, I would definitely recommend them!

Atia x x x
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  1. Wow! The purple (blue?) in the middle of the bottom row looks really gorgeous. Such a lovely and unique shade. :D

  2. these are really pretty shades! I really wanna try the MUA matte black! xx

  3. I love these so much. They really are amazing for just £1. Great review and swatches! x

  4. They look so pigmented! Great swatches. xx :)

  5. I love MUA eyeshadows! so cheap and so good =)


  6. I love these eye-shadows, I bought one last time i went to superdrug but i'm really tempted to go and buy some more ;)
    Great swatches ;)

    Kiss xx