Saturday, 22 December 2012

Glossybox: December 2012

Saturday, 22 December 2012

The December Glossybox is here! The colour of the box is different, which is a nice change and will look pretty in my bedroom with it being silver.

As soon as I opened it, I was pretty excited to see one particular thing. The Sleek lipstick! But what else is there in the box?

1. milk_shake Conditioning Whipped Cream

 I honestly have never used a leave in conditioner so this is something I have always been curious about but never bothered to pay for it because I don't know what it will be like. I know I will at least enjoy trying it out so I am pretty happy with this box already so far! Retail Price £14.79/200ml

2. Mary Greenwell Perfume Sample in Lemon

When I first sprayed this perfume, I like the freshness of it. But as it settled on the skin, I decided, this is definitely not a scent for me. It is too cleaning product-ish. I would probably not even think about smelling it at a shop and would not buy a full size. It is not my kind of perfume. Retail Price £60/50ml

3. Sebamed Anti-Dry Night Intensive Cream

I am pretty sure I would not have looked at this twice had I seen it at a shop. When I tried it out on my hand, the consistency was very thick. It blended well and made the skin on my hand feel very soft. I will have to try this out as I have been getting dry skin in this cold weather. Retail Price £9.99/50ml

4. Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Cherry

I have been meaning to buy a Sleek lipstick for a long time! I just was not sure of the quality and so I didn't want to pay the (not really high) price. This shade is amazing! I actually love wearing lipsticks in this colour when I have a very simple look as it gives a lovely pop of colour, especially in the winter. Retail Price £4.99.

5. Seche Nail Lacquer in Lumiere

I am not a big nail polish person so it is very likely I won't wear this and will probably pass it on to someone else but I do like the shade. This is by the same company as the very popular Seche Vite Top Coat. If it works as well as that,  they will probably do pretty well with their nail polish!

6. Kryolan for Glossybox, Blusher in Glossy Rosewood

This is a dusky pink which is a matte. It is great timing because I love matte shades in the winter time. The pigmentation and consistency is perfect, which it should be considering it was created by Kryolan, who have a pretty good reputation with their make up line.

All in all I am quite happy with this box, I love the surprise of not knowing what I will get each month.

What do you think of this months Glossybox?

Atia x x x
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  1. Let me know if you decide not to keep your polish, the colour I received was one I already owned! :(

  2. That lipstick is the perfect winter shade! I really want to try those nail polishes too. I've heard good things!

    Leanne @ x x

  3. OMG your Glossybox this month is amazing! I would be excited to receive every single one of the items in there, haha! :D

    1. I'm definitely happy with it this month!

  4. The blush looks pretty good. So does the Sleek lipstick, perfectly goes with the current trend! :)

    1. It does indeed. Thanks for your comment! x