Sunday, 6 January 2013

2012 Favourites: Foundation

Sunday, 6 January 2013

I have not really delved into trying out different foundations in 2012. I think I just didn't want to spend the money on just trying on out only to be disappointed. I am also, these days in two minds about what kind of a foundation I want. With full coverage, I can hide a lot but I do prefer more breathable ones and I think I will search for something this year which covers reasonably but feels very light.

Having said that, the NARS Sheer Glow foundation has been one that I have enjoyed in the last year.

I like the medium coverage, the way it feels and looks! The only thing about this that I would say was a slight downside is that it does get my skin looking shiny after a few hours. Although, I doubt it is entirely the foundation at fault. My T-zone area can get oily. That being said, I still love it and just touch it up when needed.

I think I will probably purchase again when I run out because this is like a staple item in my collection. When I don't know which way to turn, I go with this foundation.

Are there any foundations you can recommend?

Atia x x x

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  1. Nars foundation has been on my wishlist for ever. Now it's been outclassed by Armani Maestro. I got a sample of it and have become quite obsessed!

  2. I recommend the Bare Minerals one, as I use it for anything from light to fully coverage and I can never feel it on my face at all (which still seems like magic to me....not something I should tell customers apparently?! lol!) I've been so impressed considering how skeptical I was when I started for them and am constantly surprised by the results (which is odd considering i've been working for them for 6 months now...) If you still want to stick with liquid though apparently the Dior Nude is good for feeling like nothing but I'm not sure about the coverage of it - it might be too light? I'd be interested to see what you end up with (I love update posts!) xxx

  3. its been on my wishlist for longggggggggg :/

  4. I am def going to try this foundation this year :)) You have made my mind up for me!!!xxx