Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Favourite's: January 2013

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A month has passed so quickly and it is really something I have been thinking about recently. How we don't even realise it and our lives just pass us by. We really should make the most of what ability we have, to make it into something positive and to influence the people around us in a good way. Who knows what is around the corner?

Well, I guess to lighten the mood a little, here are some products I have been having a lot of fun using and some, that have been saving me from looking awful some of the time!

I would have to say that I have experimented a lot in the last month. I have tried various new products and have also used some products which I had been neglecting in the last few months. I think being on this 100 day ban has worked out pretty well for me because I have 'shopped my stash' and rediscovered some great products!

Pinch Me, Fleur Power

Peachy Keen, Breezy

I have been really enjoying my MAC blush palette which I honestly had not been touching at all in the last few months. Maybe it is because my palette's are kept separate from the rest of my makeup. But I have been loving these and making the most of them. I now am sort of wishing that I had not depotted them and put them into a palette because they get neglected.

To apply the blush, I have been loving this blush brush by Sigma, the F10!

For the face, before applying a foundation, I always like to apply a base first and in the last month, BeneFit's Porefessional has been doing just fine!

I have been wanting to try something new for my eyes and even though the Lancome Youth Activator is more for the whole face, I have enjoyed how it does not make my eyes look puffy at all in the morning!

I have tried many a setting spray since I have been wearing make up but this is one that I am pretty pleased with, especially considering the price! It keeps make up on my face a lot longer and prevents my skin from getting oily too.

The Jason lip balm, which I have been loving since I got it in January's Glossybox is a firm favourite this month because it moisturises, lasts a long time and prevents flaky skin! Check out the review here.

Ben Nye's Banana Powder is a favourite amongst many bloggers and mine too. I only got it about a month ago and it has become a part of my daily routine. It brightens up my under eye area and makes me look more awake.

I was very late in the game trying out MAC's paints but when I did, I fell right in love! I really enjoy the paint in Bare Canvas as I feel it gives my eyelids a good base which gets rid of discolouration and lets the true colour of eyeshadows show through.

For my last makeup item, I have been loving the Stila liquid lipsticks in Muse and Tesoro.

These are absolutely gorgeous! The lasting power, the pigmentation, just everything about these is lovely!

Lastly, and not a makeup favourite is a Yankee Candle in Christmas Eve.

It isn't Christmas, I don't even celebrate Christmas but this is the loveliest smelling candle I have smelt in a long time. It is so homely and fruity and kind of warm. I love it in my living room.

That, is the last of my favourite's! I am looking forward to trying out more products, although this ban is not really doing much to help with that.

What products did you like in the last month?

Atia x x x
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