Saturday, 26 January 2013

JustFab: The Taj Mahal Bag

Saturday, 26 January 2013

I have been away for a number of days now because I have just been too busy with the family and other work which has been incredibly busy!

Having said that, I did get the time to get a hold of my first JustFab bag! The Taj Mahal bag.

It came in a dust bag which is good if you have a collection of bags which you are not always using. I think this one though, will not be in storage long enough to need one!

The clasp at the top is a must for this bag because it does not zip or button close. It has a magnetic strip on both sides which closes it together.

True to colour of actual bag
The finish of the bag is high quality and it feels soft and durable which is what I always need in a bag lugged around with random bits of my little ones snacks, toys and everything you can probably think of that would fit into a bag!

Using flash

There are decent sized pockets on the inside, space for a phone, spare change and the zipper side will be good to hold an eyeliner, mascara or whatever make up I am wearing and wanting to take with me that day.

There are a few bits of thread hanging on near the zipped pocket area, but that is about the only imperfection this bag has. Otherwise I would say it is lovely!

This bag comes with a large strap as well which clasps on to the sides and to be honest, this is my favourite way to carry bags of this size. I will however use it with the smaller straps on occasion.

Overall I am very impressed with this bag! The original price for this is £35 but if you are buying for the first time, you get 50% off so it costs a very reasonable £17.50 including delivery! I think this is a great quality bag which I personally will get a lot of use out of.

What do you think? Will you sign up to JustFab?

Atia x x x
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