Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Review: ELF Brush Shampoo and Demo

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

I have been using just one brush shampoo since I have started blogging. The reason is because as soon as it was released, I tried it out and just really liked it. After that, I never bothered to look for anything else.

I decided to do a demonstration which would really show you how well this brush cleaner works.

So I have a rather dirty brush by No7, which was used recently when experimenting with green eyeshadow.

This is a bit of the shampoo on the brush, which as you can tell, is clear in colour and gel like in consistency.

The shampoo lathers up pretty well and gets rid of the eyeshadow on there,  quickly.

The end result is a lovely clean brush! It rinses off well and looks good as new once it is clean!


- Cheap
- Lots of product
- Cleans brushes very well


- I can't think of any!

Priced at £3.75 (previously £3.50) I think this is a bargain! I like everything about it and my brushes are always very soft after washing. I cannot fault it and I have (and will) repeatedly purchase this when I run out.

Interested? You can purchase it on the ELF website.

Atia x x x
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  1. It looks like a promosing product... Cleanse brush so well x

  2. Will definitely try this.. I love ELF their products are so affordable! I love using baby shampoo to wash my brushes! x


    1. I have never used baby shampoo, but I guess it would work very well and still be gentle on brushes x

  3. This looks so good and mess free! xx